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The Step One Should Follow When Writing A Comic Book.

A comic book is a type of a publication that usually contains the comic art using the panels which have been sequentially juxtaposed to represent the individual scenes. The comic book panels are in most cases accompanied by short and descriptive prose which includes written narratives.

The dialog which are found in most of the comic books are in most cases contained in the conversation balloons. The comic books are now becoming popular. Currently, there are those comic books which have been used for the purpose of inspiring some of the movies that have been produced. This reason is what then makes it necessary for one to put much effort and skills so as to have a favorite comic book.

There is no standard way of writing a perfect comic book. However, there exist a variety of steps that one may consider so as to come up with an excellent comic book. Briefly discussed, some of this steps and guideline are found in the following paragraphs of this article.

The first step to writing a comic is first to develop the idea. This means coming up the with what the comic story will be all about. Other terms which may be used to refer to what the comic story will be all about maybe the setting or the plot of the comic story. From the story that has already developed in mind, one should put more focus on the most exciting parts and characters. In addition, one should also be able to see how such characters develop along the story while developing the idea.

What follows then is getting to know the wants of the main character. The same also means the understanding of the main motivation of the character. It also includes getting to know what such characters are lacking in throughout their lives and what they are planning to do so as they can achieve all this they want.

The next step to have in mind is what stands on the way of the comic character. This means that, the conflict, hardships, and obstacles should come out so as raise an excellent comic show. One should put barriers which are likely to make the characters lead a miserable life such that their victory may be sweeter.

The step which then follows is then one that needs practice of script writing. This step involves putting all the ideas in a text and in a way that will make sense to the artist. As the last step, one should then find a good artist who will draw your comic idea in the best way possible.

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