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Factors In Character Motivation.

Reliable personality motivation initiates great and powerful characters in the stories. Human begins shares the same experiences of having desires, wants and needs similar to characters in the books. They also have motivations they could be aware or unaware of. Establishment of the powerful character helps in writing a powerful story. With the following factors, it is simple to create strong characters for the story. People get brought up in varying environments and from various families. The variations on the background are responsible for causing differences in the motivations and values of the characters.

Listening to the backstories of the characters is a great way to begin with. A good example is listening to the characters for instance, whereby one might be living in the dry parts in their childhood. While the other is bought up in the urban center where there is a lot of explorations. It is possible that the person who might be born in the desert region is made tougher by the life. This could vary in other characters who might not change in a new environment. There is a group and a number of people that rarely suffer the effect of the situations. This explains why a character in the book previously involved in tough romantic relationship finds it hard to trust the new partner. The tough experiences do not cause the alterations at all times with new experiences. A number of these events affects the psychological part of the being.

Hide the motivations from the characters to make them more appealing. The application of the conscious and unconscious motivators in the stories adds more value and interest to the stories. The conscious character s, in this case, makes the story lively since they are aware of their behavior. The unconscious characters is used in displaying the powerful inner mind and feelings of the characters in the story. As such, they display the character psychology. For instance, a person could be offensive to other people out of low esteem. This could result from molesting during the school days. The use of new plot events by the characters creates more motivation for the characters. Establish the motivation that brings out changes in their characters and actions. There is establishment of better motivation is through character change unique from the earlier one. The characters feels more engaged with the world.

Have the characters that face troubles in the process of reaching for their objectives. Do not grant the characters what they want easily. See to it that the characters face trouble and hard times prior to attaining their goals. It is not simple to become successful. It takes a long duration of time before one gets to arrive at their success. This makes sure that the characters do not feel predictable. The motivation of the characters makes the stories interesting. Increasing suspense in the motivation creates interesting and sensible plot developments.

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