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Since no organization can run without a workforce, the work of the human resource manager is to ensure that the need of both the employees and the organization are met. In relation to upholding the organizations interests, the human resource managers checks whether the employees are making full use of the time when they are in the organization as well as making sure that they have a clear description of what they should be doing which is essential for accountability. This is also the department that is involved with the wellbeing of personnel and in negotiations of the pay to be given as consideration for their services. The human resource thus can be seen as link to different parts of the organization such as a link between the employees and the finance managers when vouching for their pay.

This shows how much work the department has to handle in terms of documentations, a process that ends up consuming a lot of time and resources as they have to look into the input of each employee. There are software that have been made to help reduce all the trouble by reducing the paperwork that the employee need to come up with. This means that the employees create the date online which the human resource personal receive and assess in real time. The other aspect that the software has it the countdown of the hours that each employees works.

The software has been improved to make it compatible for use as a mobile app. The software, whether used in a computer or as a mobile app also has a functionality of allowing a person to access their payment details. Even though this software is human resource-based, it is connected to the payroll system which makes each employee to look through their payment details with ease. The software captures other aspects of payment such as the retirement details as well as the deductions due. The system can also be used to help employees track the cards connected with their accounts which helps them become accountable by making sound financial moves.

This software also enhances the security of personal data keyed in by ensuring that each person accesses the software through a portal thus each person has a personal account within it. The portal categories persons into four types of users either as employees, managers, practitioners or system administrators. The type of user that one choses to sign is as is dictated by the role they play I the organization such that the persons who ensures that the system is running as needed will sigh in as a system administrator while the human resource manager will sign is the manager cause their job expects them to be supervising what other people are doing.

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